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Hey, thanks for stopping by!

The days are growing shorter, temperatures are cooling, & leaves are falling from the sky.

It is my favorite season (though it always seems to pass too quickly). I've been busy trying to make the most of it; hiking in various parks throughout our magnificent Metroparks every chance I get, & I even hit the road for some leaf-peeping in New England in October! Check out the pictures on my Instagram :)

I haven't done much with this site in the past year, so I'm taking advantage of this season's early nightfall to explore its pages & make updates accordingly.

Happy fall!



HOME: I'm totally amped about building this merchandise category in the coming months! I present you with my first foray into glassware with THE C-TOWN PINT - it's on a special introductory cascading pricing promotion so you can fill your cupboard (or somebody else's - these make great gifts)!

APPAREL: There's a bunch of fun new stuff going on in this category:

  • Catch THE MONSTER TEE if you can!
  • THE C-TOWN TEE has been re-stocked & the size offering in core colors (red & asphalt gray) has been expanded to include S-XXL! Seasonal colors (teal & purple) are available now!
  • I've also added the tee LOOK BOOK to the site. What's your favorite way to wear your art?

CONNECT: I love hearing from you!

  • A sign of the times: I (finally) removed the link to my old MySpace profile & replaced it with a link to my Instagram page!
  • Like, Tweet, Share: What are your favorite pieces at I've added share options to every product page so you can clue your friends in (maybe even give a few holiday gift ideas).
  • Let me know what you think on the facebook page.
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My artistic perspective has been influenced by my affection for my childhood home Cleveland, OH, by my passion for commercial art, & by my insatiable curiosity which leads me to explore “out-of-the-box” ways to share that art.  

Cleveland - once a booming rust belt city - often depicts itself as the victim of a depressed economy, a broken school system, & a population fleeing for other big cities.   You will not find that mindset in my work.  Rather, my perspective is shaped by the architecture of skyscrapers, cultural institutions, & bridges which created the city’s rich history.  Partnered with my belief in the resiliency of Cleveland; the juxtaposition of pop culture, electric atmosphere, & the pounding pulse of the city serve as both my inspiration & as a mentor.

I work primarily in graphic art but also dabble in acrylic paints, pastels, & colored pencils for fun. Pictorial communication is one of the oldest and richest of human inventions, like writing or music. It started on rocks & the surfaces of clay pots & in the woven threads of textiles... then moved to walls, wood panels, & canvas. In the digital age, it includes Photoshop & computer graphics.

My product range includes stretched canvas, matted prints, Polypropylene posters, graphic t-shirts, Tyvek wallets, bumper stickers, backlit film on light boxes, mugs, & key chains all featuring my original art.  My goal is to present both traditional & non-traditional means to enjoy my work. Whether it's the cashier at the grocery commenting on how cool your wallet is, the guy in the coffee shop asking where you got your Cleveland tee, or that piece of pop art hanging on the wall that becomes the topic of conversation at the party - I try to capture & create civic pride with each new piece. Not only among strangers in far-away places, but among fellow Clevelanders as well.

This is my brand.





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